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Whitetail Deer Hunting

Razor ranch has the finest trophy whitetail deer hunting to be found. All of our whitetail deer have northern cross genetics to increase antler and body size. With Boone & croocket scores over 250 inches and some whitetail deer body weight over 250lbs,you will have to search far and wide to find better whitetail deer trophies. We limit our whitetail hunts to ensure you will be hunting a giant mature whitetail buck. During your hunt here in Florida,it's not uncommon to see over twenty five whitetails over 140 inches.

With over eighteen bow and gun hunting stands looking over Florida oak hammocks, open fields, food plots, large protein feeders, and several spin feeders,you are sure to see the trophy whitetail of your lifetime. At Razzor Ranch we let our whitetail antlers do the talking. We have a large amount of whitetail deer antler sheds of several huge still walking giant whitetails,so you can pick your trophy size and characteristics from past antler sheds. We will make every effort to hunt your whitetail deer pick.

Razzor Ranch has whitetail hunting stock from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, and Canada which lengthens our rut dramatically to increase sightings of giant whitetails.

If your looking for a great whitetail deer hunting experience with good people at a well stocked, and maintained ranch with giant whitetail, then give us a call to book your whitetail deer hunts this
year. Please book early our whitetail deer hunts sell out fast!!!

Here at our florida ranch you with be hunting true whitetail giants, not small 90 inch Florida whitetails that can weigh only 85 pounds. Our whitetail giants will have racks 120 to 250 inches and weigh from 150 to 300 plus pounds.

With Florida temperatures in October between 65 and 75 you will be very comfortable whitetail hunting only in light camo.

We have three whitetail deer breeding ranches in Florida,and stock only the very best northern whitetail genetics to insure you will be hunting the very best whitetail deer in Florida.
So if your whitetail hunting dream is to shoot a 30 inch wide ten point, or a non typical with twenty points, your hunting dreams will be fulfilled at Razzor Ranch, Florida's whitetail hunting capital.

Please contact me any time at ( 239 ) 850-3063 to answer your questions, or customize your whitetail deer hunt of a life time. I love talking about whitetail deer hunting and the ranch.



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